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Aso Qaderi
Media Associate

Aso Qaderi was born in 1985 in the Kurdistan region of Iran. He is a ‏‎‎filmmaker and political activist against Iranian regime, also executive director of The Times of Kurdistan In Norway.
His research interests include Middle Eastern politics, relationship between Israel and Kurdistan, media and  communications and national security.Currently based in Norway but works with different research centers in the Europe, Israel and Kurdistan. 

Work experience

2005 - 2007 ‎‏‎ Cameraman/ Editor/ at‏‎ Rojhalat TV.   2007 - 2009 ‎ Cameraman/ Editor/ Filmmaker at‏‎ Nawroz TV‎‏ in Erbil.  

2009 - 2010 ‎Documentary Director & Video Editor at ‏‎KRG Department of Culture & Youth. 

2010 - 2012 ‎Worked as a member of diplomacy office of the Komala party of Kurdistan in the Kurdistan Region.  

2013 - PresentMember of With Israel for Peace (MIFF), a Norwegian pro-Israel organisation