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Yvonne Marie Antonoglou
Senior Fellow

Yvonne Marie Antonoglou is an Intelligence Analyst working as a Security/ Foreign Affairs/ Counter Terrorism adviser for private and public entities, as well as Think Tanks and Non-Governmental Organisations in Europe, the US and the M.E.

Her areas of expertise include the European Union's intelligence and counter terrorism continuum and she has professional/operational knowledge on a plethora of geopolitical/security issues at an international level.

She has a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish & Political Science (with a focus on Latin American Geopolitics & History) from the Ionian University (of Greece) and a MSc from the London Metropolitan University in Intelligence & Counter Terrorism; she is currently working on her PhD in intelligence and security studies.

She is a regular contributor to European Journals and Research Outlets (regarding terrorism, intelligence and international relations) and a political adviser for a number of private and public entities in Europe, the US and the Middle East.