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Eli M. Gold
Chairman & President

Eli M. Gold is the President of the Gold Institute for International Strategy. Prior to creating the Gold Institute Eli was the co-founder of a leading foreign policy and national security think tank. Eli Gold has created a go-to organization for U.S. policy makers, as well as foreign governments seeking guidance on the most complex foreign policy and defense issues.

In his work with Congress Mr. Gold has created a network of congressional members on Capitol Hill to work toward a common goal. He is regularly consulted on the drafting of a variety of legislation and to host briefings with a variety of U.S. and foreign government officials and policy experts on Capitol Hill regarding current defense or foreign policy concerns.

At the request of members of European parliaments, Eli has created a TransAtlantic Dialogue where members of congress and parliament can work together in an off the record manner to discuss security concerns in an unobstructed environment. He has offered policy guidance to numerous candidates seeking office at all levels of government including Governor, U.S. House, Senate and 3 presidential candidates.

Eli’s columns have been printed in various newspapers. He also makes frequent appearances on both radio and television. He has been invited to speak at numerous groups in the United States, Europe and the middle-east.