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Our Mission Statement

The security interests of the United States and Canada, the nations of Europe have a great deal in common. Yet there is little coherent thinking and action, outside a few organs of government on each side of the Atlantic, to address larger, longer-term, emerging security issues that equally affect those on both sides of the ocean.

From strict national security issues such as nuclear proliferation, terrorism, cyber security and the increased instability in regions bordering Europe, to the more complex security - economic issues of energy, industrial and information economics, foods and international commerce, all the way to the exceptionally complex issues of emigration and healthcare, the issues we all face grow ever more difficult and tightly integrated.

The purpose of the Gold Institute is to actively engage in the discussion of these issues by those who have not only thought deeply about them, but who have actively participated in efforts to affect them. By providing both coherent thoughts, and recommended actions to address various issues, the Gold Institute aims to bring real solutions to real problems in real time.


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