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September 8, 2022
England Loses HM Queen Elizabeth, The World Loses a Leader

How very deeply saddened we all are at the death of Her Majesty the Queen this afternoon at Balmoral. She has been the monarch and enduring and constant symbol of our nation, respected throughout the world, over much of the lives of so many of us. She has received or appointed 15 Prime Ministers from Churchill to Truss. She has met 13 US Presidents. On becoming Queen she ruled an empire across the globe which during her reign was transformed into a 54 nation Commonwealth. She finally remained as Head of State of 14 countries. We all feel a great sense of personal loss at this time. I was enormously privileged to meet and talk to her. She personified the confidence and stability of the nation and represented enduring values in an era of enormous change and challenges. Her selfless Christianity was imbued in all that she did and her life was a great example to us all - a constant reminder that above each of us, regardless of our station in life, there was someone above us that deserved our loyalty and respect. We mourn her loss. The modern Elizabethan era has now ended. We have great confidence that her steadfast values are in the safe hands of King Charles III.

God Save the King.