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June 24, 2020
Gold Institute Statement: Order of the DC Appellate Court regarding Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn's Motion to Dismiss.

Statement from the Gold Institute on the DC Appellate Court's granting of the Writ of Mandamus in Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn's case today:

Today, after more than three years of a baseless prosecution fueled by partisan animus, the DC Appellate Court ordered Judge Emmet G. Sullivan to comply with the unopposed Motion to Dismiss, with prejudice, the charges against General Michael T. Flynn.

Despite the lower court’s efforts to continue trying a case where no controversy or dispute exist any longer, with the sole purpose of creating a political controversy for the Trump administration, reason prevailed.

One could argue that the entire case, predicated on falsehoods and promoted by spite should have never started, and should have been rejected by the District Court on the strength of lack of merit alone.

We rejoice in the full exoneration of a man we have always known to be innocent of the charges against him, and wish him a speedy return to the service of a Nation he has dedicated his life to protect.