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December 6, 2020
A Beacon of Honesty and Integrity – Until Now

By: Eli M. Gold, President

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a seminar in South Korea for future leaders regarding the role and importance of soft power, and the influence that it provides a country globally. No longer are soldiers, tanks and guns needed to fight a war, but other forms of influence known as soft power can have a greater impact with less physical destruction.

The recent – or more appropriately worded, current – U.S. elections have many scratching their heads. While here in the United States, you have Trump supporters wondering how brazen the left has become, across the globe there are many more that are watching in utter disbelief. The United States has been a country of tough rhetoric, but a beacon of honesty – until now. What we have seen in the months leading up to the November 3rd elections is the role of soft power in our own country and its use by enemies of the constitution from within. The loss [at present] that President Trump and more than half the country is experiencing is nothing short of a soft coup.

This use of soft power by the rising American socialist left to influence or steal an election has many in Europe concerned. Senator Joe Biden announced his win when it was already November 7 in Europe and to these concerned leaders the coup they see here is reminiscent of the Russian Revolution and specifically the Bolshevik Coup which also took place on November 7 in 1917. Europe was not the same since that event and now they are concerned about United States. For our European friends 1917 was not that long ago, and to many more the impact of that event is not something that they may read in a history book.

For years U.S. leaders have urged for democracy in countries that may not have wanted it, and for “free and fair” elections in countries where it may not be possible. In such cases the United States, along with others, have played the role of observer. The country that has been the visible leader in personal freedom and the rights of the individual has always been there to urge the same for all.

President Barack Hussein Obama and Democrats in congress have called the removal of the Egypt’s terror supporting Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi from office by as many as 55 million Egyptian a coup, even though the subsequent election of President Sisi was done to the letter of the law. Now that Senator Joe Biden is claiming victory in what can be at best be considered a questionable election, and more appropriately a soft coup, how do we explain to countries like Egypt, that the United States is still the beacon of honesty and integrity? It is clearly time for Joe Biden to stop calling President Sisi “[President Donald] Trump’s favorite dictator.”

President Reagan told the story of two people were talking about how lucky they are to live in the freest country in the world. A Cuban refugee said to them, “How lucky you are, at least I had someplace to escape to”. That story tells us everything we need to know today, with the rise of the Socialist left
in this country were to win, they hope everyone has their passports with which to “escape” to another country. What country we can escape as there is no other on God’s green earth that does not rely on a strong United States. Never has there been any other country in the history that has a greater global impact.

We must understand that what makes this country great is not our cities or countryside, but who we are. In a message I received from an Pakistani immigrant to our shores, he said “All I will say is that people migrate to this great country, not for the political leaders, not for its lavish landscapes, not for its food, but for its CONSTITUTION. Which in its essence is a road map for the land of opportunities.”

Whether you call it voter fraud, or irregularities, there is enough evidence for President Trump to take legal action and Joe Biden to explain. What is at stake here is not just the question of what car you drive, or which doctor you use, but rather the future of our constitution, our nation, our people.

Eli M. Gold is the President of the Gold Institute for International Strategy. Prior to creating the Gold Institute Eli was the co-founder a leading foreign policy and national security think tank. Eli Gold has created go-to organization for U.S. policy makers, as well as foreign governments seeking guidance on the most complex foreign policy and defense issues.