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MG Mahmoud Hassanin
Distinguished Fellow*

Major General Mahmoud Hassanin (O-8) {Retired in July 2022} has over 35 years of professional experience in leadership, strategic planning, international relationships with a focus in military diplomacy, defense engagement and politics. He held various positions on both Tactical and Operational Level in the Egyptian military, including AD Company CDr, AD Battalion CDr, AD Brigade CDr, AD Division level Commander. He has experience in Armament & Acquisition through working with different defense companies in China, UK, USA, & Canada.

The MG Hassanin held numerous positions representing the Egyptian Ministry of Defense abroad as Deputy Defense Attaché for Armament & Acquisition in Beijing China for 2 years. The Defense, Army, Navy, and Air Force Attaché in London UK for 2 years and he received his promotion to Major General while there in 2017. He subsequently served as the Defense, Army, Navy, and Air Force Attaché in the USA and Canada based in Washington D.C. for 18 months.

During his leadership period in the UK, he was elected as Doyen of the Association of Military Attachés and while in Washington, appointed by the Pentagon as the Dean for Washington Association of Military Attachés. Throughout his career he visited Rome, Vatican, Morocco, Austria, Russia, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Paris, Thailand, and Mexico.

On the strategic level he held many positions both inside and out of Egypt. MG Hassanin served as Chief General Inspector of the Air Defense Force, the Chief of manpower, personnel and human resources of the Air Defense Force, the Chief of Organizational Planning of the Air Defense Force, and Assistant to the Air Defense Commander of Egypt).

He accomplished vast amounts of research in the military field including translating the NATO’s book of Military Terminologies. He supervised many research papers for both Egyptian and Foreign Officers on counter terrorism, cybersecurity, and AD operations.

The Major General holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Air Defense Science from Air Defense Academy of Egypt and a Bachelor of Engineering in Communication and Electro physics from Alexandria University, he finished his Masters.

Major General Hassanin received a fellowship from the Higher War College of Nasser Academy in 2010 and attended a variety of training courses in Chaparral Missile Systems at Fort bliss Texas in 1993 and the Officer Advanced course at Fort bliss Texas in 1997 and joined the Senior Strategic Leadership Program SSLP at the Defense Academy in Shrivenham UK in 2018.

Currently, the Major General is working on his Ph.D. at Cairo University (Crisis and Risk Management).

The Major General Is married to Ghada, both having 2 sons (Ahmed is a Lieutenant {LT/O-3} in the Egyptian Navy and Mohamed a Financial Accountant).

*Honorary Distinguished Fellow