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July 7, 2020
Prince Harry is all that is wrong with the Change culture

By: Shana Forta, VP of Operations

Diamonds, castles, fancy titles, prestige and honor.

He had it all.

Statues, culture, diversity, heritage and pride.

We have it all.

What is intrinsically wrong with some people that want to throw away their heritage, history, the good and the bad, their rights and their privileges? What is it about their dignity, their moral servitude, and the courage to stand up for their convictions, that causes a person to try and fade into obscurity, a population to fade away from the spotlight and countries to downplay their greatness?

Prince Harry is all that is wrong with the Change movement. He wants to blaze his own path, throw off the yoke of Royal responsibilities bestowed to him at birth, throw away his title and replace it for something better, shinier and more modern. Hence, he leaves the U.K., burdens all his responsibilities onto his older brother, and starts a new quest. To bring about change.

On a recent video call with the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (QCT), Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, spoke about Black Lives Matter and the changes needed within ourselves to bring about a renewed sense of identity. The irony of the call speaks volumes. Prince Harry, having served his country with dignity and sacrifice, surely understands more than most, how to sacrifice his own needs, and working for the good of the people. There is nothing more impressive then someone who serves his country, putting their life in danger, and risking all for others, for the greater good and safety of others.

The allure of building a better world appeals to him as he perceives the old one to be somewhat faulty or wrong. All around the world, the white person is conceived as the disease that needs to be cleansed and changed, so that a new and improved white person can be born. Attacking the Commonwealth and indeed all the work that his Paternal Grandmother, the Queen of England has put her heart and soul into for the last six decades or so, will surely ensure that his return to England will be unwelcome, should he ever wish to return.

The fickleness and enamor of change, glamor and glitz are momentary, gone in a puff of smoke. Transformation, protest and the promise of a better and changed world are all momentary, here today, gone tomorrow. What is left after the dust settles? Unhappiness, broken dreams and shattered communities.

Let’s not throw our away our rights, our dignity, and our power for a group of people that have little or no respect for our country, our history or our sacrifice. Once our history is changed, our statues toppled and our dignity eroded, it will be difficult to reclaim.

Statues, culture, diversity, heritage and pride.

We have it all.