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Sheina Vojoudi
Associate Fellow

Sheina Vojoudi was born in 1989 in Shemiran, Tehran. She studied Italian-Persian translation at the Islamic Azad University - North Tehran Branch and she’s a multilingual translator of German, Italian and English into Persian. She uses her linguistic knowledge to spread the truth about the crimes of the regime in Iran. Currently she works for the German Red Cross Refugee Aid Center and she’s a spokesperson for the Senate of the National Iranian Congress.

Ms. Vojoudi started her political activities against the Islamic Republic in Iran after she left Iran due to the religious persecution in Iran in 2016. She’s an activist for peace and revival of the Jewish-Persian historical relationship and tries to emphasise the danger and threats of the IRGC against the Jewish state of Israel. She's been interviewed many times by the Jerusalem Post, Jewish News Syndicate and Fox News.

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