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Senior Fellow

Toshio Masuda was born in Tokyo to one of the descendants of the historic 47 Samurai of Japan. Considered a very eclectic, dynamic and active person, his physical age has been proven at 59 years old through a biological analysis in hospitals in Japan and USA. In 1963 he graduated from Keio University in Tokyo and began his professional career working for Tokyu Agency Ltd., one of the largest marketing firms in Japan.
In 1974 Mr. Masuda moved to California in advance of the boom in low cost, fuel-efficient Japanese car purchases in the United States where he established a Japanese auto repair shops. From 1975 to 1987 Mr. Masuda became an exclusive manufacturer of Japanese decors, including Futon, Tatami and Shoji screens.
In 1989, Mr. Masuda became a licensed real estate broker in Hawaii and set real property sales records in the state in 1999 and 2000. In 1995, Mr. Masuda returned to Japan where he became a writer and commentator on economic, business, and political affairs. His views have been in such demand that he became the record holder for the most business lectures in Japan each year from 1999-2004.

Until 2008, Mr. Masuda was an editor-in-chief of “The Will of Capital”, one of the most influential monthly magazines on business, politics and economics in Japan. Mr. Masuda is and was a regular writer for many newspapers and magazines not only Japan but also in Korea, Taiwan and other Asian countries.

Mr. Masuda is a highly respected best selling author of many economic and political affairs books including:
“Mr. Bush, You Say to Remember the WTC, Like We Remember Pearl Harbor”(2001), where he anticipated September 11; wrote "Before Sept.12, the US will be upside down and go in for a war."

“Economic Forecast” 2003 (Diamond Business)
“Economic Forecast” 2004 (Diamond Business)
“Economic Forecast” 2005 (Diamond Business)
“Secret Reasons Why The Japanese Economy Will Win Versus the US”(PHP)
“High Yen With High Japan Economy” 2006
“High US Dollar with High Japan Economy” 2006
“Japan Will help US and the world recover it again” 2007
“ Again Japan as No. 1. will come” 2007 Best seller 2007-2008

Each of these books became “Best Sellers” in Japan as determined variously by the Nikkei Newspapers (the largest circulation newspaper in Japan), Asahi Newspaper and the Kinokuniya Bookstore (Japan's largest bookstore chain).

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