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Robyn Gritz
Senior Fellow

Robyn Gritz [FBI S.A. Ret.] is a retired FBI Supervisor – Special Agent with extensive real world experience. Her work with the FBI included major positions and responsibilities:

Supervisor – Special Agent Counter-terrorism Division

Unit Chief – Executive Strategy Unit, WMD Directorate

Supervisory Special Agent – Washington Field Office Extraterritorial Counter-terrorism and Abductions

Security Multi-agency, Intelligence Community Anti-Terrorism Operations Homegrown Violent Extremists Strategic Planning & Partnerships Major Case Experience Security Clearance International Relations Sensitive and Undercover Investigations Inter-Agency and Task Force Liaison Intelligence Collection and Analysis Threat Assessments Counterintelligence Investigations Basic Anti-Terrorism for Law Enforcement International Operations Inspections & Compliance Audits Human Source Development Special Events Security Operations Planning Pertinent Classes/Training: Virginia Concealed Utah Concealed Executive Program in Advanced Security Studies – George C. Marshall Center (Garmisch, Germany) Norton/Kaplan Strategic Execution Master Course Mid-Level Leadership Course- DoD Leadership Development Seminar 2012 The Emerging Executive – Northeastern Univ Executive Development Institute- FBI Personnel Recovery Debriefer’s Course- DoD JPRA Reintegration Team Responsibilities- DoD JPRA Personnel Recovery Level I- DoD JPRA Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Kellogg Navigating Strategic Change- Northwestern Univ Interview/Interrogation (Reid) Pertinent Certifications: Police Instructor Certified Joint Duty Credit USG CPR and First Aid Certified Crisis Intervention (NJ State Cert) Animal Rescue in Disasters HSUS Personnel Recovery I and II Personal Recovery Debriefing Specialties: Counter terrorism Ethical Leadership Strategic Planning and Execution (Norton Kaplan Strategic Execution Master Class) Terrorist Use of the Internet Counterintelligence and Espionage Criminal Investigation Weapons of Mass Destruction International Relations Extraterritorial Counter-terrorism Investigator Policy Compliance Legal Investigative Audit Crime and Intelligence Analysis Physical and Technical Surveillance.

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