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Ellie B. Stern
Senior Fellow

Ellie Benjamin Stern is an Israeli-American policy advisor, public policy professional, lecturer, strategist, consultant and expert on Foreign Policy & Congress and the US-Israel Alliance. He is a Senior Fellow with the London Center for Policy Research based jointly in Manhattan and the District of Colombia, serves on several startup advisory boards and non-governmental organization committees as a mentor and advisor, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D., Doctorate of Philosophy in Political Science from Bar-Ilan University. Stern earned his Master’s Degree in European Studies with distinction focused in transatlantic trade, law and governance from Dusseldorf University in Germany and a Bachelor’s Degree in Government, Diplomacy & Strategy with cum laude honors from the Interdisciplinary (IDC) Center in Herzliya.

He completed postgraduate studies in European & International Affairs from one of the oldest diplomatic schools in the world - the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna Austria. He holds from the IDC specializations and certificates in Conflict Resolutions, International Affairs and European Studies.

From the halls of Congress to the IDF, Stern has dedicated his life’s work to defending western democracy, while seeking to ensure a secure and fruitful future between the United States and Israel.

Stern has served as Executive Director of the American Jewish Congress, as well as several congressional staff positions in the United States House of Representatives, including Senior Legislative Assistant on domestic, foreign policy & financial services, which included a policy portfolio of international finance, capital markets, banking, housing & urban development.

He worked previously in the real-estate development sector for property developers & construction manufactures completing both commercial & residential projects. Stern also held in the Congress a senior legislative fellowship and was the first individual to hold positions of policy advisor on Israel & Middle Eastern Affairs and staff director of the bipartisan Congressional Israel Allies Caucus.​

From his professional experiences and living & studying in the European Union, United States and Israel, Ellie has established a network around the world of experts, ngo groups, lay leaders, Christian and Jewish religious leaders, as well as lawmakers, senior officials and staff at every level of government, including in the U.S. Congress, the Israeli Knesset, the Prime Minister of Israel's Office, the Israeli Foreign Ministry and virtually every sector of Israel’s economy

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